Platform Timings

List of platforms

The following table lists platforms and their signal timings reported by an Open Source Scan Converter.

Notes: CSync=pure sync, CVBS=composite video, H+V=discrete horizontal and vertical, SoG=sync on green.

Platform Sync Type(s) H (kHz) V (Hz)
Sega MK-2000 (Japanese SMS) CSync, CVBS 15.69 59.91
Sega Genesis (NTSC) CSync, CVBS 15.68 59.87
PAL/PAL-N 625i varies 15.625 50.00
SECAM 625i varies 15.625 50.00
Amiga 1200 (NTSC) H+V, CSync 15.66 (via Extron) 59.8 (via Extron)
Sony Playstation (NTSC) CVBS, luma 15.73 59.94
Sony Playstation 2 (NTSC) CVBS, luma, SoG (480p) 15.73 (CVBS/luma) 59.94 (CVBS/luma)
240p (NTSC) varies 15.73 59.94
NTSC 525i (color) varies 15.734 59.939
PAL-M 525i varies 15.734 59.94
NTSC 525i (B&W) varies 15.750 60.000
VGA 640x480@60Hz RGBHV 31.469 60.000


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